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Eplegaarden, meaning “The Apple Farm” is a family run farm with a 5 hectar apple orchard, situated on the Hurum peninsula, 90 metres above sea level, 45 km south of Oslo, the capital of Norway.


The farm has been in the family for five generations, and fruit has always been the major income source. The main activity on the farm is the production of apple juice from our own apples. We make 10 different apple juices, from 15 different varieties of apples, with an annual production of 25000 litres. We also produce chutney, jam, cakes and more. In 2011 we built a farm distillery and produce our own apple brandy, aquavit and gin.


We also welcome people to the farm to see and learn more about local history and how to be farmers in modern times. The distillery tour is also popular!


Please feel free to give us a call at +47 91801577 (weekdays), or send an email at


The farm shop is open in the fall season, Tuesday-Friday 3-6 pm, from September 1st to December 23rd.


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